is a secure message transmission platform. It provides organizations with a quick, simple and affordable means to communicate confidential organizational data to designated personnel, using state of the art security protocols.

Sending important information using SMS text messages is an invitation to disaster. SMS text messages are sent in a cleartext format. Cleartext simply means that messages are transmitted, and accessed, without the use of encryption. A cleartext message, if intercepted, can be read by anyone. –unlike SMS text messages–utilizes a combination of web and mobile technologies to provide industry-standard security during the transmission, and receipt, of every message.

Your access to is guarded with the identical encryption technology utilized by every major web presence. In other words, your communication enjoys the same safeguards employed by the credit card processing engine of major web retailers.

In addition to protecting your organization's confidential information, provides a wealth of other benefits not available when sending SMS text messages.
  Supports secure, encrypted message transmission and receipt.  
  Message text length up to 8,000 characters.  
  Paragraph formatting of messages.  
  Ability to catalog, and view, messages received yesterday, last week or last year.  
  Acknowledgement API , providing two-way communication with any business process.  
  User and Administrative reports, detailing message source and response times.  
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