Xpress Guard ™ is the bundled Messaging User Interface for every Notify.com implementation.

In most situations, our customers utilize the Notify.com Message API to interface messaging to their existing business processes. For those situations, however, when access to a simple, intuitive Graphical Interface is required, Notify.com provides Xpress Guard.

Just select the desired Users , Groups and Subscriptions , enter the message, and hit Send . Your message is instantly transmitted to the selected recipients.
  All Notify.com messages are associated with From values. From values allow users to quickly determine the source of their Notify.com notification.

Notify.com Administrators define the available From values, specific to their implementation.
  Notify.com Administrators define Group names for their site.
  Notify.com Administrators associate Users with specific Groups .

Notify.com Groups are available from both Xpress Guard, and the Notify.com Message API . Groups provide a convenient method to categorize users based on organization, department or common interests.
  Notify.com Administrators define Subscription names for their site.

A Subscription is similar to a Group, in that it contains multiple users.

The difference is that users only receive Subscription messages, when they Opt-In .
  Notify.com Administrators associate Users with specific Subscriptions .

Notify.com Subscriptions are available from both Xpress Guard, and the Notify.com API .
  Notify.com Administrators can designate select users of the system as Xpress Guard Publishers .

A Notify.com Publisher is granted the right to send messages using Xpress Guard, but is not granted other Administrative priviledges.
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